BrandSpark International asks thousands of consumers Across North America which brands they trust the most so everyone can make the smartest purchase.

The Purple Seal = A Smarter Purchase

it's easy to buy smart when you see a brandspark most trusted award logo. we've analysed thousands of consumer opinions to point you in the direction of the brands that have the highest consumer confidence.

Trust is earned!

It's the ultimate indication that a brand is consistently delivering on the promises that it makes to consumers. Brandspark has done your homework and these are the brands that deliver.


Eggland’s Best is very proud to be recognized as America’s Most Trusted egg brand, for 3 years in a row! We let consumers know by including the BrandSpark Most Trusted purple logo on millions of our egg cartons nationally.
— Dave Holdsworth, Vice-President of Marketing, Eggland's Best
egglands_best - image 2.jpg
“Trust is a brand’s most important asset. We help consumers know who to trust, and we help brands to stand out in an incredibly crowded marketplace”
— Robert Levy, President & CEO, BrandSpark International