Tens of Thousands of Qualified Shoppers Surveyed.


Over 150 Key Shopping Categories.


NO Bias from Brands, Advertisers, or Juries.


How are winners determined?

The BrandSpark Most Trusted Award winners are determined through the responses of participants of the annual BrandSpark Shopper Study, one of the most comprehensive yearly evaluations of consumer opinions and shopping habits available in consumer research today. Survey participants are qualified to ensure that in the last year they have activity shopped the categories in which they are helping to decide the most trusted brands, and their answers are completely unaided to capture their true opinions.


Why does the BrandSpark Most Trusted awards exist?

BrandSpark understands where trust lies in public opinion, and uses this data to better inform consumers on who the brands are that have achieved this status by awarding them the BrandSpark most trusted seal. Awarding brands as most trusted helps shoppers navigate the market effectively and make smarter purchasing decisions.

Insights. Credentials. E-Commerce.

Our Purpose

Established in 2001, BrandSpark International is a market research firm that uniquely combines real world action-driven consumer insights with marketing credentials and services.  We are strategic thinkers fusing our passion for insights with our clients’ need to drive results. We uncover insights that decode the shopper mindset, map the retail and e-commerce path-to-purchase, and reveal what drives purchase decisions and trust.

Our Approach

BrandSpark Insight gets at the heart of WHAT consumers think, WHY they act the way they do, and HOW marketers need to respond to successfully grow their business. BrandSpark Marketing Services runs major consumer awards programs Best New Product Awards, BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards and consumer product trial and amplification platform, ShopperArmy.com.

Our Expertise

In today’s dynamic and evolving shopper and retail landscape, we continually innovate and invest in order to help marketers keep up with shoppers as they adapt to an omni-channel world. We are able to turn the right insights into action because we have the best tools, clear technical expertise, and superior consulting research experience in crafting custom comprehensive solutions.

Our People

Our multi-disciplinary team takes a customized approach to solve brand challenges. As an acknowledged market leader in consumer insights and brand strategy, BrandSpark meets the need for a more innovative and integrated approach to uncovering insights that truly impact decisions, and we have fun doing it!


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