What is the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards?


Real Consumer Opinions.

BrandSpark International asks thousands of consumers Across North America which brands they trust the most, so everyone can make the smartest purchase.


"Eggland’s Best is very proud to be recognized as America’s Most Trusted egg brand, for 4 years in a row! We let consumers know by including the BrandSpark Most Trusted purple logo on millions of our egg cartons nationally."

– Dave Holdsworth, VP of Marketing, Eggland's Best


Brand Trust Matters To Consumers


The BrandSpark Shopper Study shows a consumer's trust in a brand is one of the most important purchasing drivers.



Say brand trust is an important part of their decision


Trust consumer awards for recommendations, only second to family & friends


Try new products from the brands they trust most


Report seeing the BrandSpark Most Trusted award logo would positively influence them toward brand purchase

 Our research consistently shows that consumers care about Brand trust.

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